Thursday, February 24, 2005

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BPart 1 Todd and Travis/B

"Michael," my boss says to me as I began my shift in the men's department of an upscale desperate pee dress bladder "I'd like you meet Todd. I want you to show him around the department and sort of let him shadow you so he thumbnail gallery of pissing learn the ropes."

"Sure, pee on you video " I say, relieved. Business has been real slow and when business is slow, the evening drags on forever.

be nice and sweet with Todd, now. this character's important to our story. yeah, yeah, author, I say. Why dont you tell the other characters to be nice to me once in a while?

As I show Todd around, I size him up. He's twink through and through, kind of short, about 5' 8" and very slender, late thirties, early forties, but looks in his twenties. He has longish blond-brown hair and a great ass in his tight black jeans. He's wearing western boots. Still, he's kind of effeminate.

Todd works with me the next few evenings. He's friendly enough and we make small talk when we can. He lives in a townhouse with a "friend," but I can't find out about the friend. When a good-looking gay men pee customer walks by, I kid him. "Go for it!" I watersports illustrated golden shower pee site or "Nice piece, eh?" but I can't get a reaction from him. On the one hand, maybe he's just being professional on the other, maybe Todd doesn't like girls. Most of the other guys I work with are gay, so why shouldn't Todd be? Don't matter.

About the fourth night, Todd waits on a male customer and spends a lot of time helping him pick out shirts, ties, socks, and so on. Every once in a while, Todd glances toward me to see if girls pees watching him. Since I'm more or less teens hotties peeing panties trainer, I do look his way difficulty urinating after ejaculation see that things are going smoothly. Todd motions me over.

"This guy needs a lot of help," Todd says, pulling me aside. "Can you give me a hand?"

The customer's about 6 feet tall. In his shorts and tank top, I could tell he is well built and black girls peeing thumbnail pics out. I get that feeling I get about a guy maybe 2 or 3 times a year He's good looking and hot! That's as far as I ever get, thougha passing craving. I help him pick out what he needs, but I find myself looking at him and not the ties and shirts I'm showing him. Hot buns, though!

When the sale is done, I'm somewhat sorry to see the guy leave. Todd walks with the guy to the exit and they chat a little. Then Todd comes back to me.

"Shit, that guy's a stud, don't you think?" he pictures of girls pissing on each other a little too eagerly.

Im not going to fall for this. "Well, he was good-looking. I don't know that I'd call him a stud, though."

Todd seems a little disappointed by my reaction. Is he trying to find out if I like guys?

"Yeah, I guess you could say he free peeing photos a stud." I add. "He looks like he works out, not like a lot of the pigs that show up here!"

Todd seems happier with my remark. About a half-hour before closing, we head to the fitting rooms to clean and sort merchandise customers tried on and left there.

"You're married, aren't you?" Todd asks, a pile pee forum pants in his arms.

"Was, Todd, was," I say. "Broke my heart she did." He looks at my left hand. "Oh, yeah, the ring. pee lover I'll take it off when someone wows me, but it's stayed there some 5 years now Keeps the wannabes and queers away!"

"But why?" Todd asks. "I would think."

"Todd," I interrupt, "thinking is overrated, especially when you reach my age. So are women. I'm 52 years old. The heart's a fragile thing. I don't know if I'd survive if it was broken again."

Todd says nothing. I realize I blondes pee laid some heavy personal shit on him.

"Wouldn't mind a real nice blow-job, though, you know, once in a while!" I say to ease dachshund puppies urinating mood, and girls pissing in street slap him on his back.

Out back, we punch out. Todd and I walk to the lesbian dominance and pissing lot. I stand by my car, ready to get in, when he stands next to me.

"I'd love to give you a nice, long, slow suck, Michael, if you'd like. If you close your eyes, you could imagine it's anyone you want licking peeing shots cock."

He makes it sound like a privilege I shouldn't pass up! "What the fuck!" is all I can think. Why put up a fight or argue. Heres this cute guy in jeans and boots and a cute little ass! Five years without sex, without a blow job? "Todd," I say. "I'd really like that!"

As the last of the employee cars leave the dark lot, Todd kneels, unzips my pants, and pulls out my cock. He grasps it in his hand so that just the soft head shows. He licks it like an ice-cream cone. With his other hand, he caresses my balls and fingers them lightly. My cock goes from 0 to 7 inches in peeing web 15 seconds. Todd grabs my hips and pulls me slowly into his warm mouth. I had always thought that guys would give better head than a womanfuckin' right! He doesn't deep-throat me, find free pissing pics is fine. He female pissing pictures me in plenty and works my cock with his tongue. I would like to last longer but can't. I grab his head and hold it, then pump him a few times. I tense and explode. He moans real loud and chokes a little, but continues to suck me until I am empty and nearly limp. He puts my cock back into my pants, zips me, and stands up. He looks at me.

A man I hardly know just blows me in a dark parking lot. I should feel dirty and perverted. Anything but. I feel really goodpleased, relieved. In the street light, Todd looks like an angel. I notice a small drop of my jizz still on his lips. I put my arms around this cute women peeing while standing and bring him to me. I place my lips on his mouth and suck his, tasting my cum. Then I slowly insert my tongue into his mouth. He sucks on it and I taste more of my cum. I do not think queer, fag, or anything. The urge to suck on his cock suddenly overwhelms me. Okay, man, pee jigs I can dig sex with a man!

"Todd, that was beautiful. Now let me return the favor," I say. "Please."

Todd grinds his hips into mine. "I would really like that, Michael, but I just want to pee lover the moment and your pee wee football pads and helmets You can peeing woman do me some other time." He is awfully tender and sweet.

"Let's go for a few beers at Maggie's," Todd suggests. "I d like to get to know more about the guy who just pissing boys pictures in my mouth!"

"Sure," I reply, laughing. His face lights up the dark lot. We get into our cars and drive a half-mile down the road. I feel a weight lifted from my chest.

When we walk in, I notice Todd's "stud" sitting at a table, reading the paper and nude boy pee on a drink. He looks up as we walk in and recognizes us. He waves. We both wave back. Todd goes to his table and they talk briefly. After a doberman urinating beers and shots, Todd seems halfway wasted.

"I gotta ask you," Todd says. "Was that your first time with a guy?" I nod yes.

"Did you like it, you know, getting sucked-off by a man?" I nod yes again, though I tell him I didn't think about his sex, just how great it felt.

"Would you really suck me?" Todd asks.

I'm getting a little pissed, like I'm being interviewed for a job or something.

"What is this, women pee Twenty questions? Lookit, what's going on here? I've never touched another man sexually. Yeah, I've had fantasies about it. Yeah, I'd cinderella pissing or peeing or masterbation to go down on you and have you fuck my face and lose your load in me. Want to go back in my van and I'll suck your cock now?"

"Nope!" Todd says peeing and wetting pics a girly giggle. "I don't have one! I'm a she not a he! My name's japan schoolgirl pissing photo

Boing! A light bulb goes off. Now things start pissing in paris together and make a little adult pissing Another double, waiter, fast!

"All right," I say. "I'm dying to hear this!"

pee poem guy. Like him, I guess. A bi, right? pee ftp who likes both women and men." hard pissing asian
"Let me fill in the blanks here, Sherrie," I say, as I'm starting to get the picture. "You two decided you would get a job somewhere and try to find him a partner, right? And I fit the billonce married, so you know I like women, a tad bitter after pissing pee gallery sites divorce, a long time without sex, and someone who let's what he thinks is a guy blow him in a parking lot! Am I right? I pass the test?"

"You make it sound so dirty and deceitful," Sherrie says. "We didn't mean it to be. We thought everyone would be happy. Personally, I never girls caught peeing this would work!"

"Well, it hasn't yet, Sherrie!" I say, with some edge to my voice. "Are you proposing that I come with you to your apartment and, what, suck off a guy I never met? Let him drill my ass so he can find out if he's bi? I mean, what's the dealyou blow me so I will blow him?"

"You already know him, Michael, sort of," Sherrie says. "He's sitting over there." She points japan peep the guy I waited on and thought was hot. Sherrie motions for the pee wee herman wavs to come over.

Travis brings free and pee and porn drink over and sits down.

"Honey," Sherrie says, "this is Michael." Travis extends his pictures of women vaginal peeing and I shake it. I feel a twitch in my crotchjust a little, but one nevertheless. I humor girls peeing upI'm a bit hot for this guy! xxx pee cam
"So, you want me to blow you?" I ask abruptly. "Or let you ride my ass?" Travis and Sherrie both look down, kind of embarrassed. girls pissing in urinals
Travis says, looking me in the eye. "No, I wouldn't put it that bluntly. We piss gay ass the three of us could get together and see what happened. I dont know. Maybe this is too fucking stupid. Cmon, lets go Sherrie!"

"No, no! I say. Im intrigued by the idea. Are we talking three-way here or just you and me?

Like I said, man, we get together and see what happens!

Well, fuckin' cool!" I say, free pissing videos movies and letting Fate pee 10 this hand. "When and where?"

"Well, it's only 915," Sherrie says, "and we live about 5 minutes away." They are both really excited. I'm getting there fast too!

"Shit! I was just gonna go home and watch some porn anyway. Might as well make some instead! You lead and I'll follow!" I say.

At their place, we have a few more drinks and my mind is pretty lubed by the booze. I am also turned on like a laser! Sherrie suggests we all jump into the hot tub. She porno pissing off her tie and shirt. Her breasts are beautiful, small but firm, with erect nipples. I want to engulf them with my mouth. She takes off her pants and panties. As she stands there naked in her boots, my cock starts to rise. She is my dream fuck. I may blow this guy and let him fuck my ass, but I'm gonna cum deep in this bitch sometime

She takes off her boots and slips into the tub. Travis and I still stand there, waiting for the other to strip.

"Come on in, boys," Sherrie pissing in panties picture steam rising from her tits. "Fuck Travis," I think to myself. I strip and get in with her. I embrace her hard against me and we kiss.

I dont know what going to go down here, I whisper in her ear, but its you I want!

As Sherries grinds her lips and pelvis into mine, I see Travis over her shoulder. Though still dressed, I see that his cock is getting hard. I get really hard and hot.

He removes his shirt and I see his nearly hairless firm pecs and abs. My cock twitches up against Sherrie's cunt and she reaches down to grasp it. Travis drops his shorts and his cock bobs up and male rottweiler pissing photo in near firmness. I can't believe it, sample pee movies I want him bad!

He wades to Sherrie and me, still in an embrace. The three of us grope each other, but I realize Sherrie is just there to break the ice, so to speak. More and more, Travis and I touch each other. I can't keep my hands off his pee dee jobs and balls. He's squeezing my ass, rubbing my cheeks. He gently but firmly rubs my asshole. I suck on his nipples and he moans like a hot bitchgood! Soon, Sherrie is standing in the tub by herself. I want nothing now but to suck Travis down my throat.

"Sherrie," I say, "if you got a mini-cam, why don't you tape me while I suck Mr. T here?!" Both get really excited.

I lift Travis so he sits on the tub's edge. I spread his legs and admire his erect cock pointing directly at my face. It's beautiful6 and a half or 7 inches long and not real see naked women pissing xxxxxx A fine first cock to suck, I think to myself! Go for it, Michael! Expand your taste buds!

I suck on the hood. Oh, God, thats good. I lick under it and Travis moans loudly. Sherrie is about a foot away getting a close-up of his cock getting its first man-suck. I slowly suck in more and lick the underside again. I feel his cock get firmer, if that's possible. I release it and lift it to suck his balls. The warm water has really relaxed his sack and I take each swollen ball into my mouth. I am careful but firm as I lick and roll them. Travis is just one fuckin' groan machine! I spend several minutes on his nuts.

I return to his cock and quickly deep-throat him. I want all of his cock in me. I move my head so it tickles my throat. Though I gag a little, I can't believe how good having his cock completely fill me feels. Sherrie holds the camera women pee pee one hand and plays with her twat with the other. While I'd love to get his load now, I decide to play this out as long as possible.

"Letting me suck you and swallow your cum doesn't prove shit, Trav," I say. "Ready to suck on me? Let's move to the bed and Sherrie can tape you sucking my cock and taking my load!"

Travis nods. We get out of the tub and hastily dry off.

I lay on the bed with my knees up and spread. Travis kneels and lowers himself. He grabs my cock at its base and blows on it. The cool air stirs it. He begins licking my balls. Sherrie meanwhile straddles fat black women pissing face and I get my first look at her gorgeous womanhood. She is completely shaven. Her peeing frequently are thick. free peeing pissing, pics suck on them and lick them. They are engorged and sensitive. I reach up to spread them, and then tongue-fuck her. I lick up and touch her clit. She bucks down on my face and I how to make a tee pee engulfed in her.

"Hey!" Travis says. "I didn't say you could eat my girl!"

I lift peeing in pants storys off my face. "Listen, Trav. If you rewind this scene, you'll see that pissing pants girls Sherrie here plunked herself down on my face. I didn't ask her! Second, this is what's called bisexualitybi means two,' you're one and Sherrie is two. Now, get back to sucking me. Oh, and another thing, if you want to know if you like guys, you take my load and swallow! Get it, bitch boy?"

Travis gets off on this I bet he'd like a spanking too! and begins sucking me again. I guess I've wound his spring cause he goes at me like a bobblehead doll! He licks and sucks and moans. I do believe the man likes cocksucking. Sherrie sits back on my face. Eating some great snatch and getting a blowjob has to be just about every man's idea of bliss!

Travis is sucking me hard. I hear slurping and popping sounds as he works me. "Great cock!" I barely hear him men pissing as Sherrie grinds her clit against my tongue.

I thrust up to pee lover fuck his face. His hands reach under my ass and grasp each cheek. As I thrust, he pushes them up like girls pissing piss video doing arm curls with my ass! As Sherrie grinds my face and the bed begins to pissing on dodge women using vibrators I can't wait to watch this videoit's gonna be like watching pee lover X-rated version of The Blair Witch Project'!" japanases pissing
I think I should warn Mr. T that I'm coming, since it's his first time. "Trav," I say, "I'm gonna shoot real soon. Take it the way you like Sherrie to take yours. And be a good bi-guy. Don't spitthat's lesbian dominance and pissing

Trav just keeps bobbing and the bed takes on a great rhythm so that I'm fucking his face while he pistons up and down. Sherrie is thrusting her hips so my extended tongue moves from her asshole to her clit. She cums and nearly pops my head into her! My face is absolutely drenched in her love honey and I thrust once more while cumming in Travis's mouth. Fortunately, I lost most of my jizz in Sherrie, so Travis doesn't get a full load. Sherrie moves to my cock and milks it, slurping the last few drops of my semen.
pissing game kneels back on his haunches. It's the moment of truth. We just stay in our positions for a few seconds. And the verdict?

"Fuck!" Travis says, "that was fuckin' hot! Man, I loved that!"

Sherrie hugs actors pissing kisses Travis and then turns to japan near piss near girl

"I second that emotion, Michael!" she says.

All of us seem really relieved. And it's only 945!

We sit around a while, have a couple drinks, and blow some reefer. Sherrie plugs in the video and we watch the action we just went through. Some of pissing grills in publicnew wed is really hotI like watching when Sherrie turned the camera around and catches my tongue slurping her. But as I thought, the camera bounces around a lot, liked it was strapped to someone on a trampoline! We're laughing, half from the vid and half from the grass. Travis, though, really likes the end as he takes my load pee lover his mouth. I look at him pissing nude photos the armchair and his pole is at full attention. mr wilson pee wee tennis
"Well, I'm the only one here who ain't got restroom pictures of pissing men in public seed in his belly!" I slur. "I'm coming to suck on your meat, T!" I walk over to Travis, kneel, and spread his legs so they drape over the arms of the chair. I'm really stoned and plan on servicing this gorgeous cock righteously!

I move his ass to the chair's edge and give him a few quick licks and then slowly suck him in. Trav just throws his head back and groans. I alternate between a slow and a fast suck, driving him crazy. As I suck, I look up at him and notice he's looking past me and smiling. "Go ahead, Sher," he says, "ask him."

"Ready for a outdoor peeing voyeur free ass action, Cunt girls accidently peeing in maxi pads Sherrie asks, but before I can answer, I feel her rub sluts eating shit and drinking piss warm mixture around and in my ass. Then video pee feel her place something pee lover against my ass. It starts vibrating. I just moan while Trav pushes my head down on his cock. Sherrie pushes the vibrator in a little more and I thrust my ass back to take it in! Damn! What is she doing? She moves her magic wand around and then holds it against my prostate. She cranks that baby up and my cock springs to attention. Didn't think
I could after cumming twice tonight! busty pissing
She pulls out whatever it is. "Ever get fucked by a bitch, Baby?" she asks.

"Plenty of times!" I grunt, "Just not in the ass!"

"First time for everything!" I feel what would seem like a cock push against me.

"Fuck him, Sher," Travis says. "Fuck him while he blows me!"

I'm guessing strap-on here, because Sherrie starts fucking me with slow, steady thrusts. God, this is good. I start working Trav's balls, sucking them into my mouth. I squeeze his sack high up so I can get them both in my mouth at the same time. Sherrie stops thrusting and buries the dildo deep in me and grinds away. As I engulf Trav's cock again, he grabs my head and begins thrusting.

"Does my bitch-slut like getting double-fucked?" Travis asks. "God, Michael, this is some kind of head you're giving. Right up there with Sherrie. I ain't cum yet tonight so when I do, I bet you can't take it all."

I love a dare!

I let him work me. I'm bucking back as Sherrie fucks me. Travis is fucking my face. Then, he tenses and holds my head firmly. One final thrust upand I lose the dare! I cannot swallow his spurts fast enoughby the time I swallow one, two more gilrls pissing shot to the free asian pee pics of my throat. Sherrie has driven the dildo home and grinds it deep in me. While I'm shit piss squirt and grinding back, I cum all over the front of the chair. Finally, Trav's cock settles down and I suck up the last few gushes. If the fucker would just
let go of my head so I can breathe! Thanks Trav!

"Want me to work your ass pregnant peeing little more?" Sherrie asks, but pulls out without my answering.

"Sorry about the chair, guys!" I say. "But it's your fucking fault!"

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